About me

About me

Lemme take you way back to when me was a kiddo 😎
Made known to my understanding, I was told I followed a girl to her house as at when I was 3-4 years of age 🤦‍♂. So, I’m a lady-prone nigga 💔.

Kí n tó tẹ síwájú, I’m Akinbola Gideon Ṣẹ́gun (pka Gidifrosh 🙇), a student of Federal University of Agriculture, Abẹ́òkúta (FUNAAB) and also a proud Yorùbánian 😁. You’ll be enlightened later on how I came about my nickname 😋.

Now, to my features and specs: You must have gotten a glimpse of my personality 😌.
¶ First off, I’m a number one pet lover, dogs to be precise 👍
¶ I’m a food lover and so this makes me a great cook in my own unique way 😉
¶ A basketball lover 😍
¶ A graphics designer, website designer, content creating enthusiast, researcher, found new love in reading, watching movies et al.
This is a little of who’s me is, can’t remember all of my qualities, but you’d get to know more of me from my contents and posts 😊.

About the site

Hmmm 🤔, let’s see, haha 💡
It’s all Round Hilarity (Hilarious_City with FROSH 😂).

° Memes 😃
° #Facts 👌
° Gists in Yorùbá (How to be very good in your native language, read and understand it)
° Tongue twisters, riddles and brain teasers.
° Latest news and updates around the world 🔥
° And hilarious quotes and videos 😤
Sit back and enjoy the world of Hilariousness with FROSH 🥰.
I hope you enjoy tour around the site and get thrilled in anticipation 🙏.

I’m yours Truly, Your_Fav_Yorùbá_Boy 🤭
Gidifrosh ✍

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