Still Procrastinating: Push the Start Button!

Still Procrastinating: Push the Start Button!

        The biggest thief of Success is PROCRASTINATION. We can think about doing the right thing, plan to do it, and talk about doing what we need to do, and not do it. Procrastination, defined by Wikipedia is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished at a certain deadline.
Procrastination as defined by me is the process or the act of delaying something that you should do (shouldve done), simply because you dont wanna do it. Therefore, Ill give a generated name for someone who practices delayness 不 A Procastinator.

Defeating Procrastination
          To kick start this, ones got to QUIT talking and BEGIN doing. Procrastination is damn deceptive. It makes us complacent (too satisfied) by telling us we gon do the right thing.
Procrastination is a thief. It steals our time, potential, self-esteem, peace of mind. It is like a lullaby that whispers, Go to sleep; everything is gon be fine. Thus, this guy called, Procrastination can only be conquered by becoming a NOW person. Be aggressive when you know you need (or have) to do something [put your all into it]. Dont put it off Just do it!
          When we put things off, they aggravate us. We may not even be consciously aware of it, but unfinished projects pressure us. If you walk through your home and see dishes in the sink, laundry on the floor, trash cans filled to the brim, beds unmade, I feel certain that it pressures you in some way. These have happened to me a lotta times . Feeling lazy is a thing of the mind, you just need to take a step, then, the rest is done. Immediately I start doing this, I feel this joy in finishing it and to also make it perfect. By the time Im finished with this, I feel accomplished, even though I use 3-4 hours on a work Im meant to spend an hour or two on 丹.
          By aggravating, I mean we might get mad at irrelevant things especially when we are been told to do what we knew we were meant to do (or have done).
Here are a few quotes on procrastination that will help:
o     Procrastination is like a credit card, it is a lot of fun until you get the bill. Christopher Parker
o     There are so many things that we wish we had done yesterday, and so few that we feel like doing today. Mignon McLaughlin
Check for other more quotes on procrastination.
            Conclusively, I, Akinbola Gideon (a.k.a. Gidifrosh) started this journey of inspiring others ever since 2015 but I thought I didnt have it in me (the potential) to do so. Five years passed, procrastinating day-by-day what wouldve been a thing of great benefit to even me, myself. This is because I detested reading ever since I got to High-School . Grades reduced drastically but thanks to good grasping brain I have been blessed with by God, Im still studying. The funniest part about this was that I got to know the correct spelling of Procrastination when I read this book: Which means, I pronounced without the R as in PROCASTINATION.
         Basically, what made me to start this website was the spark I got from seeing people do what I can do but Im just there wasting the talent. So, I embarked on a journey which was hard for me but still struggling to do some things based on this topic Im writing about now: PROCRASTINATION. Gotten from a book written by Joyce Meyer, Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits 14 good Habits that will Energize your Life. This topic was drawn from this book and only in chapter two.
Im your very own, yours faithfully, Gidifrosh Your_Fav_Yoruba_boy.


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